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Herndon, Virginia 2 comments
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I to was taken advantage of I have four separate charges for something i did not ask for they also got my security code off the back.I have never used this card on the internet.

please help me find a way to these people besides the third party number involed. the company on my card said and the amounts were 20.95.

i am having someone investigate this they probably have this web site to see what is happeningto them.if you know a number they can be reached at please post it i am told everyday a case manager will call me.

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All you can do is throw a bunch a *** on the wall & see what sticks. (RVP motto!)


Contact your bank right away if you haven't already.File a debit card dispute for all the charges.

The research/dispute department at your bank will look into the charges and most likely have them returned to you.

Until then, change your debit card number, and look into changing the account number too.If you do this as soon as possible, you should be able to stop any further charges to your account.


Denver, Colorado 0 comments
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Scam!!!How in the world did this company get access to my credit card?

They even have access to my security code on back. I have been charged $20.95 each month for 18 months!!!!!! Please call your credit card for this scam. This company changes its name:;, has changed its telephone number 3 times.

Don't waste your time to call, they will not answer. I even had my credit card representative try to call with no answer. These crooks need to be caught, and bar-b-qued.

This greedy internet thief attacks innocent people.

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save643 - Charged my debit card without autho....

Columbus, Ohio 0 comments

This company has charged my debit card for the 2nd time $20.95, I was told by someone there that I would get a credit on my account, instead they charged me again, I called a secret shopper service a few months ago and then all of this started,single mother trying to get by and you can't get a break anywhere, just give me my paycheck in my hand instead of depositing it somewhere where its not safe,there has to be something done to these scams, you can't do anything or you CC# will be sold to someone else and charged for no reason

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Greensboro, North Carolina 2 comments

This a a scam,i have a charge of $20.95 on my debit card account and i never heard of this company and i never signed up for anything from them.

sent emails and i get them back,no such address.

This has been going on for 2 months and charging my account the $20.95 .

I plan to get a new card and account number or change banks.

somebody should be able to put these scumbags out of business.

I cannot cantact the to complain as there is no such company.

what else can we do to get these crooks out of business.



The number for these crooks is 1 866 821 4925


We had the same charge... this is a scam... call you credit card co. charged my account without authorization

Charlotte, North Carolina 0 comments

I noticed a charge from drafted out of my account,this will be put on alert to my bank..I am very angry and cannot understand how they did this,when I tried to contact them,their number has been disconnected how convienient,everyone needs to be aware!!I don`t know anything about the company,have NEVER talked to anyone,they show health care,prescription,eyeglass,etc. discounts on their webpage,which I only found AFTER seeing the bank charge. These people need to be investigated,I don`t know what else to do.I would lke some help in this matter.ASAP

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